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Identification of Arcing Damage and Arc Mapping

The National Fire Protection Association’s publication NFPA 921, Guide to Fire and Explosion Investigations since 2001 has indicated that arc mapping or arc surveying is one of the four acceptable criteria for determining the origin of a fire. Failure to perform arc mapping at the fire scene can open an expert’s opinion as to fire origin to being questioned or discredited.

In order for arc mapping to be effective, it is critical that locations of melting on electrical conductors be examined to determine if the melting is due to electrical arcing, fire heat impingement or fire induced metallurgical reactions.


Don’t trust just anyone with arc mapping. Look to SYTEK Consultants to properly  document locations of arcing, fire heat induced melting or other non-electrical damage to circuit conductors.

Get real answers from an expert.

SYTEK Consultants provides the following arc damage services:


• Arc Mapping or Arc Surveying at the fire scene

• Macro Interpretation of thermal damage to electrical conductors

• Marco photography of damage to electrical conductors

• Surface topology and material analysis of electrical conductors


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