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We evaluate all types of lighting fixtures found at fire scenes.

Nearly every occupied space in a building has a lighting source or system in it. We are leaders in the forensic community in the examination and analysis of light fixtures and their components in order to determine if they were a competent source of ignition.

Membership in:

We have extensive experience in the forensic examination and post fire analysis of:


• Fluorescent Fixtures

• Magnetic Ballasts

• Electronic Ballasts

• Lamp Holders

• Neon Lighting & Transformers

• High Intensity Discharge Fixtures and Lenses

• Metal Halide Lamp Failures

• Illuminated Signs

• Incandescent Lighting Fixtures

• Incandescent Lamps

• Quartz Halogen Lamps

• Ballast Liquid Filled and Dry Capacitors

• Ballast Thermal Protectors


We evaluate each case thoroughly in order to provide you with a detailed analysis of any possible failures. We also provide expert forensic photography to document any evidence.

Call today to learn  how we answer your questions about the forensic evaluation of lighting fixtures and their components.

• Illuminating Engineering Society

• Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

• International Association of Electrical Inspectors



QHT Compressed NPF COMP Ballast arc hole